A Trusted Business

Serving the greater Houston metro area and Southern United States, Atlantic Petroleum has been providing premium fuels, lubricating oils, specialty chemicals, transportation, equipment and Integrated Petroleum Management for various industries since 2012. We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as one of the top petroleum enterprises in the city by delivering high quality products and exceptional service using a unique system that makes the entire process efficient and economical for our customers.

Competitive Pricing

Atlantic Petroleum strive to provide value and savings to our customers by offering customers our best possible price. 


Our drive for excellence derives from a deeply rooted passion to succeed in a highly competitive market. This passion continues to build confidence in our customers who know that we put them first at all times and will continually strive to satisfy them.

Integrated Petroleum Management

Integrated Petroleum Management is our commitment to our customers to provide the finest quality and selection of products and services in our industry.

Experience and Product knowledge

Atlantic is proud of its reputation as notable independent distributor of industrial and commercial lubricants. By becoming partners, we can  help increase your bottom line with the implementation of our services.

Quality Products you can trust 

Our Partners

Atlantic Petroleum partners with several major brands to offer you the best premium lubricants and chemicals on the market. We offer lines of quality lubricants from Chevron, Shell and the Phillips 66 among other family of brands, so you know you will get products that reduce friction, transfer heat, flush out debris, seal gases and protect against wear and corrosion. Your engines will have the thermal and hydraulic stability they need to operate efficiently and keep your business running.
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