About Us

About Us 

 Why Atlantic Petroleum?  

Atlantic Petroleum & Mineral Resources, which operates as Atlantic Petroleum represents a future that is filled with optimism and hope, a customer - friendly, service driven brand that embraces all the solid and traditional values refined products distribution and takes them into the new technology driven millennium. Atlantic Petroleum is the brand that represents the warm, friendly face of the future. Atlantic Petroleum is a powerful and progressive new force which is set to change the face of the industry.


Atlantic Petroleum strive to provide value and savings to our customers by offering customers our best possible price.


Our drive for excellence derives from a deeply rooted passion to succeed in a highly competitive market. This passion continues to build confidence in our customers who know that we put them first at all times and will continually strive to satisfy them.

Dynamic and Innovative Business Solution  

We adopt a fresh, bold approach to doing business; even breaking the conventional to satisfy our customers, we will readily roll up our sleeves to deliver. Today, we are committed to value-added business, which continues to provide the cornerstone for developing new generations of innovative business solution that meet the ever-changing energy needs.

Quality Products & Services  

Our commitment to consistent quality experience is unquestionable. So when you come into contact with us, the quality of service that you experience is never compromised. This is because we continually strive to surpass your expectations. At Atlantic Petroleum, we take service delivery to the highest level. This quality service is consistent at every point where we come in contact with our customers.

Integrated Petroleum Management 

Integrated Petroleum Management is our commitment to our customers to provide the finest quality and selection of products and services in our industry. Integrated Petroleum Equipment - Petroleum Equipment, Installation & Maintenance. We provide our customers with creative solutions for equipment needs. We offer new equipment, used equipment and maintenance programs. With your equipment purchases from Atlantic, you can be assured of professional installation and a comprehensive maintenance program.

Experience and Product knowledge  

Atlantic Petroleum is proud of its reputation as the largest independent distributor of industrial and commercial lubricants in the Southeast. By becoming partners, we can together help increase your bottom line with the implementation of our services.

Prompt & Efficient delivery

Atlantic is your experienced and trusted provider of all fuel products. We know that safe and on-time delivery of fuel products is critical to our customers. Let us partner with you for all of your fuel needs.

Quality Customer Services

Atlantic Petroleum offers customers with extensive suite of branded and unbranded product choices for their equipment. We are proud to be in the league of distributors, giving you direct access to the highest quality fuels and lubricant brands available in the market. This strength enables us to be a valuable marketing partner and resource for our end-users.
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