Atlantic defines “sustainability" as responsible stewardship of the environment and care for our employees, customers and community.

Our Sustainability Vision is to create long-term value for society by using resources more efficiently; protecting the environment and the safety and health of our employees and others; consistently applying efficiency and innovation . Together, these contribute to the overall quality of life. Atlantic’s commitment to stewardship excellence is central to its management culture, which guides every decision it makes. Keeping workers and neighbors safe and using resources efficiently as they work to make people’s lives better is value creation, and it is our constant aim.

We believe that the best way for Atlantic Petroleum to achieve sustainable success is by acting in the long-term interests of our vendors, partners and the community we operate.

The energy services we render serves contributes to economic growth. In the future, the energy and associated services are delivered will change to usher in a low-carbon future and Atlantic has a real contribution to make as petroleum distributor.

We aim to anchor our business in these changing patterns of demand, rather than in the quest for sales and supply. We strive to conduct our business in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of all people - this commitment guides how we engage with our employees, our partners, communities, and other supply chain.

Safety is one of our values and our number one priority. Our aim is to have no accidents, no harm to people and no spill or damage to the environment. And these goal guides our actions.
We aim to have a positive and enduring impact on the communities in which we operate.

Atlantic Petroleum Construction customers rely on us to handle fuels and Lubricant supplies. We design customized delivery schedules to meet the unique fueling needs of every project, carry the leading lubricant brands that maximize equipment performance and reliability. Atlantic Petroleum is committed to sound Environment, Health, Safety & Quality (EHSQ) practices in all aspects of its business. This is to prevent injury and protect all employees and customers from hazards and occupational diseases in the execution of their responsibilities.

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