In order to meet the varied geographic needs of our customers, Atlantic Petroleum has developed partnerships with major suppliers. These partnerships enable us to respond quickly, and provide us with the additional resources necessary to offer comprehensive services. Through these partnerships, Atlantic Petroleum provides the same level of quality product and services. This process is seamless – you just place the order, and the leave the rest to us. Our focus is to create value for our customers and make it effortless for you to obtain the quality products and services you request, where and when you need them.

Shell & Chevron Associate Distributors

As a petroleum marketer, our network includes a number of Major Suppliers throughout Texas and beyond. This network enables us to easily cover your product and services needs in the South Texas market. We set our standards extremely high, and are proud to deliver exceptional quality through our partners, suppliers, and associate distributors. 
To Place an order, call 713-223 2767 or email us at
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