At Atlantic Petroleum, we believe a highly skilled workforce in a conducive work environment that promotes and rewards continuous learning, will facilitate the achievement of business goals.

Our commitment

  • Fostering a work environment that provides personal and professional development opportunities for staff to maximize their potentials.
  • Developing employee competencies and preparing them to assume greater responsibilities within the company.
  • Encouraging a tradition of continuous learning and private initiatives for personal and professional development of staff.
  • Facilitating and encouraging a strong commitment to the development of human resources through work assignments, on-the-job experience, and focused training and development

Our focus

  • Customer satisfaction
  • To attract, develop and retain a competent workforce chosen from the best and most professional talent pool across the city to meet our business needs.
  • Develop and continually foster a productive work environment where individuals and professionals are respected, valued and encouraged to contribute fully to the achievement of Atlantic business objectives.
  • Identify and develop talent within the Atlantic to imbue leadership skills and competencies required to succeed in our dynamic business environment 

Our standards

  •  Teamwork
  •  Professional Ethics, Integrity and Confidentiality
  •  Unambiguous Communication and Candor
  •  Execution and Performance
  •  Quality products and services
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