Fleet Fueling Services

Fleet Fueling Services
Our company is dedicated to providing comprehensive diesel or gasoline fleet fueling solutions for business and government fleets day or night. In today’s world of sky rocketing fuel costs, it is becoming increasingly important to closely monitor your company’s fuel consumption.

Our comprehensive fleet fueling solutions help ensure your vehicle are being fueled in a highly controlled and efficient manner. This impacts your company by reducing the labor cost associated with fueling. Employees who spend less time fueling also return to work sooner, helping increase your company’s productivity. Our Fleet fueling system reduces slippage such as fuel theft and unauthorized non-fuel purchases. This entire savings drop your company’s bottom-line.
Atlantic Petroleum services customers in the business sector including large transportation companies, medium to small business, and city, county and state municipalities.
Our system enables Atlantic Petroleum to take total control over our trucks, employees and inventory, the three most costly components of our business, thus increasing our productivity and providing significant cost savings to our customers.

Benefits of Fleet Fueling

  • Customized service to meet your needs
  • Emergency fueling services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Cuts miscellaneous charges on company credit cards.
  • Equipment is fueled and ready when employees return to work
  • Fuel directly into your equipment
  • Generator fueling
  • Eliminate need for on-site storage

Companies Who Benefit

  • Operations at strip centers and leased properties
  • Construction sites
  • Equipment operators on small job sites
  • Companies requiring generator fueling
  • Companies who fuel refrigeration units
  • Companies with temporary job sites
  • Truck fleets of any size
  • Companies whose vehicles are parked overnight in one central location

Issues with Retail Fueling for Fleet

  • Inability to restrict product grades at the dispenser. Drivers are able to purchase mid-grade or premium, which can increase your per gallon cost by as much as $.50 alone! Detection is only after the fact at time of billing. 
  • Transactions involve c-store clerks who disregard your fuel purchasing policies. Store owners and clerks care more about making money than enforcing your fuel purchasing policies. They have no risk, and often facilitate abuse for their own personal gain. 
  • Ability for clerks to add non-fuel items to the transaction. C-stores are laden with temptation for drivers who abuse your fuel purchasing rules by adding beer, cigarettes, snacks, soda, gloves and much more to your fuel bill. 
  • Ability for clerks to disguise non-fuel items as fuel. One of the most insidious abuses of a fuel management program is when clerks convert non-fuel items into fuel. The only possible detection is through detailed MPG analysis. 
  • Increased labor expense and lost productivity due to congested facility and waiting in line to pay. Retail stores often add between 10 to 20 minutes to the fueling event over compared to Atlantic Petroleum fleet fueling. 
  • Insufficient information reporting necessary to detect abuse. Many retail fueling options fail to report time, date, gallons, and product grade, price per gallon, odometer reading, or tax breakouts, all of which are critical to managing a fleet.
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